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Drunk Driving Fines

A drunk driving conviction will result in many forms of monetary penalties; whether directly or collaterally. Plainly put – A DUI conviction hits you right in the wallet. Drunk driving fines are varied and difficult to understand. We’ll cover the basics.

Every state has its own detailed DUI laws, but whatever the state you can rest assured that there will be fines associated with any DUI criminal charge. In addition, you can also expect civil charges from your state’s DMV that may carry fees.

Drunk Driving Fines

What determines how high the fine will be?

Prior convictions are a major influence on drunk driving fees. In fact, fees may be well into the thousands for those who are facing more than one conviction. The driver’s blood alcohol content is also something considered. If it was elevated far above the legal limit they could be facing many enhanced penalties. Were there underage passengers in the car? Was the driver underage? Did they refuse chemical testing? Were they speeding? Were they involved in an accident with injuries? These questions are all asked and considered when a court renders its decision. Depending on all of these factors, the fee could be from a few hundred to tens of thousands.

How else does a DUI conviction affect my pocket book?

Aside from the up-front state fines there are many hidden costs associated with a DUI conviction. Insurance may go up. It may also be difficult finding coverage. Also, spending some time in jail as part of a DUI conviction may not go over well with an employer - thus reducing potential earning power. In addition, finding another job may not be so easy with a DUI on your permanent record.

Is there any way to avoid a DUI conviction?

There are lawyers who specialize in drunk driving laws. Sure, family or general lawyers can be great – but a DUI is a serious charge. You need someone who handles cases like yours everyday. Laws are complex and ever changing. Don’t put your fate in the hands of just any lawyer. A DUI lawyer can minimize the fines and damages you face – and possibly have the charges against you dropped. Hold on to your freedom! Contact a DUI lawyer before it’s too late!