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Drunk Driving Alcohol Education

No matter where you live in the United States, a DUI conviction could mean that you’ll face DUI alcohol education. Before a judge orders you to enroll in such classes, he or she will take into account certain factors: your DUI record, your blood alcohol content when you were arrested and other specifics relevant to your case.

The classes that you take must be approved by the court and will be paid by you. The cost can range from under $100 to a few hundred dollars. The court must also receive documentation when you have finished your course work.

Why should I enroll in DUI classes? In some jurisdictions, the court views successful completion of alcohol education as a reason to reinstate your driving privileges. Your insurance company may also lower your insurances rates upon successful completion of such course work.

The objective of many of the classes is to discuss the effects that alcohol and/or drugs can have on a person’s body. There may also be frank and open discussions centered on the consequences of drinking and driving and how it can affect other people’s lives. Your course work may also touch upon your jurisdiction’s specific DUI-related laws and penalties, alcohol and drug use and abuse education. Some alcohol education classes also consist of psychosocial evaluation of your behaviors with drug, alcohol, driving and other factors. This important evaluation may help identify any symptoms of substance abuse. Depending on your results of this evaluation, further treatment can be recommended or required.

Non-profit organization M.A.D.D. (mothers against drunk driving) have also partnered with such courses requiring you to complete a victim’s awareness program. This may be known as a Victim Impact Panel presentation. Usually a friend or family member of a victim of drunk driving will speak to those in the class. Sharing personal stories is a way to help those who drink and drive understand the severity of the choices they make. These presentations are non-confrontational in nature.

If you are convicted of a DUI, attending alcohol education classes may be in your best interest. You should discuss such matters with your DUI attorney.